Sorare’s Frequently Asked Questions


We have collected the most frequently asked questions about Sorare that we have bumped into so far. The majority of these questions were asked around in Sorare’s Discord group or by our friends. Needless to say, Sorare’s own FAQ is very comprehensive and answers some of the most basic questions that you may be looking for too.

TOP 10 questions

Q1: What is Sorare?
A1: Sorare is a blockchain Fantasy Football game where players get rewarded by competing with their teams.

Q2: Gameweeks – when do they start?
A2: Friday to Monday and from Tuesday to Friday

Q3: Is it legal to buy a friend’s player at a market price and then buy it back at the same price?
A3: Yes and no. You will get away with doing this a few times, however, we do not recommend this as it will get flagged by the system or the Discord community.

Q4: What is non-transferable EXP?
A4: When a player is traded, their EXP (total amount of EXP, not level) gets cut in half. It doesn’t mean that they can’t build back the lost EXP.

Q5: Are there any fees associated with Direct Offers / Bidding?
A5: No, only when you use a credit card to buy directly from other managers. In such a case, you will pay a 10% transaction fee to cover swapping Fiat for ETH.

Q6: Do legends have any utility?
A6: Yes, there are Legends tournaments. More recently, you can use them in the Academy to win monetary prizes (ETH).


Q8: Is Sorare free to play?
A8: Yes




Q1: What is Sorare?
A1: Sorare is a blockchain Fantasy Football game where players get rewarded by competing with their teams.

Q2: What is the cheapest way to deposit cash on the platform?
A2: You can buy cards directly from Auctions using your credit card (no fees).

Q3: What leagues-teams are covered?
A3: An overview of covered leagues are here:

Q4: What is the difference between covered and licensed?
A4: Licensed clubs are part of Sorare, and thus, their player cards will be sold on the platform and their score will count towards SO5 tournaments. Covered means that if a player is in a league/team which is covered by Sorare, their scores will be provided by Opta and can therefore be used in SO5. A great example of this is Gabriel who went from Lille to Arsenal.

Q5: What happens when a player moves to a different club?
A5: There are three possible outcomes.

A: The player moves to a licensed club. The player will have new cards as soon as the new club provides the necessary data to Sorare. If the club plays in a covered league, the player’s score will count for his new club.

B: The player moves to a non-licensed club, but one that plays in a covered league. Such player will not have new cards, but his scores will count for his new club.

C: The player moves to a club from a non-covered league. There will be no new cards and the player’s score will no longer count.

Q6: What happens if I sell a card after the deadline?
A6: Once the deadline has passed and the teams are set, you can do whatever you want with your cards. Their scores will still count for that week.

Q7: What happens when my player has two matches in one Gameweek?
A7: The first match of the player will be scored. If the player is not in the first match day squad, his scores in the second match will be considered.

Q8: What does Triple Triple mean?
A8: 3+ Interceptions, 3+ Tackles, 3+ Net Duels (I.e. if Duel Lost is 2, Duel Won must be 5).

Q9: What blockchain does Sorare use?
A9: Ethereum blockchain.


Q1: When are rewards usually released?
A1: Game weeks close on Tuesdays and Fridays at 12:00 (CET). Rewards are then distributed within the next 2-8 hours, depending on the situation.

Q2: Gameweeks – when do they start?
A2: From Friday to Monday and from Tuesday to Friday at 12:00 (CET).

Q3: When token?
A3: Currently, there are no tokens and Sorare doesn’t plan to bring them out.

Q4: When will I get my referral reward?
A4: After you have bought 5 cards from the New Card Auction market. Once done, your referral reward will be reviewed by Sorare. If Sorare won’t find anything suspicious, you will get your reward within a few working days.


Q1: Why isn’t every player available to buy on Sorare?
A1: Sorare is constantly working on onboarding new teams every day, however, not all clubs are currently licensed.

Do / Does…?

Q1: Do domestic cup matches count?
A1: Unfortunately, they are not at the moment because Cup matches are not sufficiently covered by Opta. Relegation matches between teams from the first and the second league also do not count.

Q2: Does Sorare sell packs?
A2: No, Sorare doesn’t sell packs.

Q3: Does Sorare have a whitepaper?
A3: No, it does not.

Q4: Do I have to use Ethereum to play Sorare?
A4: Yes, you do because Sorare’s platform is build on the Ethereum blockchain. Thankfully, Sorare made it easy for you to get ETH using your credit card.

Can I…?

Q1: Can I auction owned cards?
A1: No, you can’t auction your own cards. You can set a price and someone else can buy the card of you. The only cards available for auction are the cards sold by Sorare itself.

Q2: Can I use common cards in limited divisions?
A2: No, you can’t. Currently, you can use commons in the casual league.

Q3: Can I sell common cards?
A3: No, you can’t. Currently, you can use common cards in the casual league where you will have a chance to win limited cards.

Q4: Can I use the same player in different teams?
A4: Yes, you can use the same player as many times as you like. You can only use one per team, and you also need to own multiple copies of the player. For example, if you want to use a player simultaneously in All-Star, Champion and U23, you will need to own 3 copies of him.

Q5: Can I loan cards to my friends?
A5: When a player is traded, their EXP (total amount of EXP, not level) gets cut in half. It doesn’t mean that they can’t build back the lost EXP.

Q6: Can I make money on Sorare?
A6: Yes, people can make real money on Sorare. It is not guaranteed but you can earn some serious money if you put in the time, effort and research.

Q7: Can I use a card when a season ends?
A7: Yes, you can as long as the card is active in real life. If you have a new season card, it will lose its 5% bonus once newer season cards of the player are released.

Q8: Can I play Sorare for free?
A8: Yes, you can. However, you will only be able to enter the Casual league with Common cards obtained from the onboarding process. You will always at least win a Common card if you enter a team. If you get lucky, you can also win limited cards too.


Q1: How long do I have to wait for a card to appear in my gallery after buying it through Manager Sales?
A1: It can take a few minutes as well as a couple of hours. Older season cards that haven’t been moved around for some time may take longer to transfer.

Q2: How long does training take?
A2: Trainings run in parallel with Gameweeks. Your players can earn XP even when they don’t have a match scheduled.

Q3: How do I report scoring mistakes to Opta?

Q4: How Sorare works?

Q5: How to get cards in Sorare?

Q6: How to sell players in Sorare?
A6: 99,9% of trading occurs on Sorare’s platform through Manager Sales tab. The other option is selling through Opensea, which we don’t recommend as you may encounter a scammer.

Q7: How to start in Sorare?
A7: Check our Sorare’s Ultimate Guide for Beginners to find more about how to start your Sorare journey!

Q8: How to get Common cards?
A8: You can get two Commons every week if you submit a line up each gameweek. It doesn’t matter if none of your players have a game, you will still at least get a Tier ?? Common card.

We hope the above helped to answer some of your questions but if you’ve found an answer that is not clear to you, then leave a comment below and we will reply as soon as possible!

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